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Michael Alt

CleanSweep Archive v1.4 Release Notes

CleanSweep Archive latest version is out and it has several big enhancements for our NetSuite customers who are looking to backup their NetSuite data to the cloud or migrate off NetSuite. First, we have added an enhancement to Archive to support[...]
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Bryan Willman

Introducing our First SuiteApp – CleanSweep File Manager

We are pleased to announce that our very first SuiteApp—CleanSweep File Manager—has arrived in the NetSuite store ( and is Built for NetSuite® certified.  CleanSweep File Manager allows NetSuite customers to manage data growth in[...]
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Bryan Willman

Introducing CleanSweep - The Data Archive & Purge SuiteApp

Data is a hot topic in IT these days. Data Management, Data Security, Data Retention, Big Data these are terms we hear on a daily basis in the news, articles, sales pitches and organizational strategies. Data is a valuable asset. It enables[...]
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