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Financial service companies require a cohesive, adaptable and secure system to handle the volume of today's rapidly growing online-based commerce and banking models.

Historically, financial services companies have relied heavily on dangerously unreliable spreadsheets and manual, error-prone systems. However, in an age of unprecedented global ecommerce and banking, it’s imperative to have a digital platform that can handle volume, around-the-clock transactions, adhere to regulatory, secure customer data and beyond.

Techfino understands that financial institutions are under increased pressure to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape and improve visibility. Trust our NetSuite experts to eliminate the risks associated with the traditional model of myriad disparate systems and get your financial institution on the road to a secure, sophisticated platform that can handle the demanding needs and complexities of the financial sector.

Set yourself up for future growth all while proactively balancing risk and opportunity with Techfino experts at your side.

“This is the system that financial institutions have needed for quite some time. Only NetSuite can handle the volume and complexities this industry demands. And with our deep experience in the financial sector, we are happy to be their platform stewards of choice.”


Wiktor Borowiec
Managing Partner

What can NetSuite and Techfino do for Financial companies?

Ensure proper security, support compliance and gain complete audit trail visibility.

With timely information and insights provided via NetSuite, you’ll have real-time, dependable metrics required for auditing and compliance.

Improve forecast accuracy.

Compare and analyze actuals versus projected results regularly to refine forecasts.

Expect enhanced business intelligence.

With a centralized system, employees can have access to full-picture analytics on the fly. They no longer will have to work with a third party to gather, analyze and report back on critical findings dramatically enhancing business intelligence.

Improve customer service.

Make it easier to offer customers updates on their orders, link to their financial accounts and resolve problems swiftly by having a single customer record that showcases their entire journey with you.

Reduce new employee onboarding requirements.

Staff will only need to grasp one system rather than several different applications and overlying analytics software.

Additional Security.

Access management, data protection and fraud prevention tools across several different systems can open you up to vulnerabilities. With a centralized system, you now only have one - also saving you time, money and peace of mind.

Set yourself up for growth.

NetSuite is the only platform that can handle the volume of the financial sector. This flexible platform scales with you.

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