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Trust Techfino to deliver it all on NetSuite

AFA companies operate as manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers. They need one software solution and one trusted parter to deliver it all.

AFA clients bring unique operational needs. We work with a wide range of clients from newly branded start-ups to international retailers.

“Our deep experience in everything from Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail allows us to successfully implement Supply Chain, Financials, Process Improvement, and cross channel E-Commerce for our AFA clients.”


Bryan Willman
Managing Partner

What can NetSuite and Techfino do for Apparel, Footwear and Accessories companies?

Simplify your omnichannel commerce

By tracking all sales data from brick-and-mortar stores to online purchases in one centralized location.

"Save the sale" with cross-channel inventory visibility and order fulfillment.

Depend on accurate inventory visibility in order to allocate stock appropriately across all channels and easily locate inventory in nearby stores or warehouses to close the sale.

Build intelligent campaigns around tradeshows, seasons, products or promotions.

Understand customer preferences, purchase history and geo-location to segment and deploy intelligent campaigns. Utilize automation to enhance customer experience and service.

Increase staff productivity, close the books faster and get real-time insight into financial performance.

Replace manual and siloed data processes with a centralized platform with built-in processes and reporting.

Create more effective, customer-centric marketing to drive sales and bottom line.

Track campaign performance, manage sales incentive compensation, and gain a real-time view of customer interactions across all channels of your business.

Integrate with multiple 3PL’s world-wide.

Eliminate billing errors, strengthen revenue recognition processes and drive fulfilment accuracy and efficiency processes.

Expand into new markets with multi-site and multi-country support from a single account.

Scale operations and support your global wholesale, retail and multi-brand business from a centralized commerce platform.

Apply accurate Sales Tax calculations per nexus including complex states and countries.

Take the uncertainty out of fluctuating exchange rates and currency calculations. NetSuite automates these tricky logistics to output and streamline accurate reporting.

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Achieve the perfect product assortment, tear down inventory silos, avoid stock-outs, and deliver on promises with a unified instance of merchandise data across all channels. Do it all on NetSuite with Techfino by your side.