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Techfino helps manufacturing companies streamline operations, create efficiencies and find new revenue streams.

The growing demand for customized products, quicker delivery times and competitive pricing is increasing the need for manufacturing companies to be nimble, adaptable and more efficient than ever before. Plus, new market regularities make it increasingly difficult for manufacturers to increase their profitability.

NetSuite enables manufacturing companies to have a real-time snapshot of all company operations - from R&D to production to CRM. This allows executives to understand where efficiencies need to be made, where money is being lost, what’s working well and which strategies need to be re-evaluated.

Modernizing systems with NetSuite can help manufacturers diversify product offerings, introduce new services, enhance delivery times, increase customer satisfaction and retention.

“They have a large team of functional NetSuite experts covering most disciplines. We've engaged them for finance consultations, customer SuiteApp development, and the implementation of manufacturing and production functionalities. They are our go-to resource for manufacturing and production-related NetSuite functionality. ”


Shridhar S.
Executive Vice President,
Strategy Growth Initiatives

What can NetSuite and Techfino do for Manufacturing companies?

Optimize processes across supply chain.

From production to delivery, having a clear picture of your entire pipeline is imperative in a market where visibility and production-to-door times inform customer satisfaction.

Drive operational excellence.

By having full organizational transparency, you can increase employee productivity by understanding where efficiencies need to be created and training is required.

Reduce or eliminate waste.

Eliminate excessive inventory or production materials by leveraging efficiencies of scale or finding new ways to produce products.

Expand into new markets.

A flexible system enables you to easily enter new markets by easily adjusting to new shipping channels, localizing product offerings and addressing local challenges like taxes and regulations.

Find new revenue streams.

With full visibility and an integrated CRM, learn about the preferences of micro markets around the globe to find applicable markets, create new product offerings and localized customization.

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Techfino can help manufacturing companies unveil opportunities to enter new markets, expand product offerings, reduce costs, find new revenue streams and enhance bottom line.