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Bryan Willman

Introducing the Definitive SuiteCloud Development Framework eBook

Techfino is proud to finally introduce our SuiteCould Development Framework (SDF) eBook to the NetSuite Community! Our entire development team is pumped up about the latest features and enhancements to the NetSuite platform as it relates to[...]
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Nick Klug

Guide to SuiteBundling in NetSuite

Guide to SuiteBundling in NetSuite By Nick Klug
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Luke Pirtle

Guide to Using Token Based Authentication in NetSuite

In this blog, I’ll walk you through setting up Token Based Authentication in NetSuite for integration via both web services options REST (Restlet) and SOAP (SuiteTalk). Token’s provide a secure authentication mechanism to connect to NetSuite without[...]
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Ryan Dunn

Harness the Power of the New Transfer Cost features in NetSuite

Traditionally, transferring inventory between physical locations in NetSuite has been rather inefficient due to various system limitations. However, NetSuite has been adding more options in this space and is poised to add even more. In release[...]
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RenHong Zhu

Tips & Tricks: Getting Started with SuiteTalk

In NetSuite there are two web service options for integration with external systems: Restlet (REST) and SuiteTalk (SOAP). Restlets are a RESTful service which extend the SuiteScript API and are generally fast, flexible and NetSuite developer[...]
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Wiktor Borowiec

New Features and Functionality Enhancements in NetSuite Release 2016.2

It’s that time of year again, NetSuite is releasing a batch of highly awaited features and updates. In this blog we highlight several of the noteworthy features and benefits that impact the NetSuite community with the 2016.2 NetSuite Release.
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Bryan Willman

Leveraging Open-Source Libraries and the MVC Design Pattern in NetSuite

Most experienced SuiteScript developers utilize custom Suitelet or Portlet solutions to expand the NetSuite user interface beyond what it does natively. Suitelets, in particular, allow developers to build custom pages using AJAX to enable a dynamic[...]
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Bryan Willman

New Features and Functionality Enhancements in NetSuite Release 2016.1

As NetSuite begins to roll out the 2016.1 release in late February, we would like to share several features of this release that our experts find particularly relevant.
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Bryan Willman

Adding a Custom Button on a Record (Part 2): The Trident Technique

When a more complex behavior is required that a NetSuite workflow is not well suited for, we turn to the Trident Technique. The Trident Technique is a SuiteScript design pattern to trigger either a Suitelet, RESTlet or Scheduled Script when a button[...]
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Bryan Willman

Adding a Custom Button on a Record in NetSuite (Part 1): Workflow Action Script

Often times, customers will ask us to add customization to an existing form in NetSuite requiring an action to be performed on-click of a new button. In this article we'll discuss each of the options available to you to create custom logic on the[...]
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