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Techfino can help Health and Beauty companies get a better handle on their inventory, enhance supply chain operations and continuously meet consumer demands.

The health and beauty industry is booming and, at the same time, changing on a foundational level. With increasing pressures to be adaptable to rapidly shifting trends, seasonality, subscription-based and auto-refill models, supply chains have never been more complex.

To further complicate the market, celebrity and influencer endorsements have health and beauty companies scrambling to fill almost overnight demand of craze-induced products.

With so many industry obstacles, every health and beauty brand require a single agile, adaptable system that can adapt with the industry and market demands. Let NetSuite ensure that your supply chains, CRM and finances are all in one place working together so that you can keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

“Customers in this space feel personally connected to the brands that they interact with daily. And they expect to be wow’ed at every turn for that loyalty. NetSuite can make sure your supply chain and CRM’s are working together to continually meet your customers’ expectations – ultimately increasing your bottom line.”


Bryan Willman
Managing Partner

What can NetSuite and Techfino do for Health and Beauty companies?

Global market expansion.

With a platform as scalable as NetSuite, global expansion will be manageable, and you can expect full data visibility. It’s imperative to have a handle on your analytics as you scale so you can optimize at every stage of growth.

Real-time data transparency.

In a market as fluid and rapidly changing as health and beauty, it is imperative to be able to adapt and make decisions quickly. NetSuite offers you live-time snap shots of inventory, sales, CRM reports, forecasts and beyond.

Fulfil demand craze and avoid stock outs.

With product lines that fluctuate with seasonality and rapidly shifting trends, it’s imperative to have a system that can respond to high market pressures in order to accurately distribute product, have real time order updates and adequately forecast supply to prevent stock outs or excess inventory.

Deliver on-time.

Beauty brand customers are extremely loyal - until they aren’t. Be sure you are always at the ready with their favorite products by securing your supply chain and providing accurate delivery updates and tracking.

Automate refill notifications.

With a fully integrated system, your CRM can be programmed to alert a customer if they should consider refilling soon based on when they last purchased the product. This can help increase the likelihood of repeat sales.

Increase product line depth for existing customers.

With a customer’s purchase history connected to a unique CRM profile, a company can suggest similar or complimentary products. This level of customization lets the customer know that you are paying attention and in-tune with their preferences.

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