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Home Furnishing companies require integrated Financials, Supply Chain Management, EDI, WMS, MRP, and subsidiary support for world-wide operations.

Home Furnishing manufacturers and distributors present challenges that can only be overcome by a single, integrated data source.

“When we work with Home Furnishing clients, each customer engagement starts off unique, but quickly settles into a common pattern of product design, make to order, contract manufacturing, distribution, EDI, and supply chain management.”


Bryan Willman
Managing Partner

What can NetSuite and Techfino do for your Home Furnishings organization?

Streamline and consolidate multiple subsidiaries and locations.

With centralized data and systems, you will have a more holistic picture of all your associated businesses, enabling you to make more informed business decisions.

Unify product data management from design to supply.

Get full visibility of your entire supply chain procedures, costs, and beyond to create efficiencies, reduce your overhead and drive ROI.

Support 190 currencies, 20 languages and deployments into more than 160 countries.

Take the uncertainty out of fluctuating exchange rates and currency calculations. NetSuite automates these tricky logistics to output and streamline accurate reporting.

Integrate B2C and B2B commerce across sales channels.

Having your B2C and B2B commerce history under a single platform enables you to see full picture financials and understand where you need to focus your energies and optimize. 

Track each customer lifecycle from lead through fulfilment.

Understanding your customer profiles, their journeys and their needs is the key to success in retail. This information is paramount not only for conducting sales and marketing efforts, but for initial product design. Stay at the forefront when it comes to current design trends as well as stage-of-life demographics.

Provide business intelligence world-wide.

No matter if your customers are shopping online or at a traditional brick-and-mortar across the globe, all transactions are centralized in one platform. This enables you to better understand local markets and create workflow, distribution and efficiencies at scale.

Manage pricing and margins with accuracy.

With more accurate data, comes more accurate reporting. With more accurate reporting you can feel more confident in pricing models, maximizing your profit margins and bottom line. 

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