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Introducing our First SuiteApp – CleanSweep File Manager

We are pleased to announce that our very first SuiteApp—CleanSweep File Manager—has arrived in the NetSuite store (suiteapp.com) and is Built for NetSuite® certified.  CleanSweep File Manager allows NetSuite customers to manage data growth in their NetSuite File Cabinet.  CleanSweep File Manager automatically backs-up the contents of the File Cabinet to the cloud. 

This allows you to recover any files that may be accidentally deleted.  Additionally, CleanSweep File Manager allows for automatic weekly removal of files based on a user configured Purge Policy.  This gives NetSuite customers the ability to safely remove older unwanted files from the File Cabinet, while ensuring they can be retrieved from CleanSweep File Manager later, if necessary.  In the future, we will offer an external portal to access your CleanSweep files. Currently, this is only available inside of NetSuite from the File Browser screen (shown below).

File Browser

Techfino SuiteApp file browser

This screen allows you to navigate the CleanSweep File Cabinet archive. The same folder structure is maintained in CleanSweep that is found in NetSuite. You can expand folders and click on files to download them locally.

File Archive and Purge Configuration

NetSuite file archive and purge

On this screen, you can set a custom Purge Policy by selecting which files to purge based on file size, file type, or age. Additionally, if you know you have files that you do not want to purge, important contracts for example, you can identify them as exclusions and they will not be removed by CleanSweep File Manager. From this screen, you also select the time when the purge process runs. The archive process will run at the same hour as the Purge process every day.

CleanSweep File Manager is only the first of Techfino’s Archive & Purge Solution for NetSuite. Listed here are the 3 additional products to our solution:

  • CleanSweep Archive – A database replication (ETL) tool enabling external reporting of all your NetSuite data. Available now.
  • CleanSweep Archive & Purge – Our flagship product allowing customers to safely Archive and Purge data from their NetSuite account with external reporting and data warehousing capabilities. Coming soon.
  • CleanSweep Purge – Gives NetSuite Customers a way to automatically remove data from a NetSuite account based on a Purge Policy without the need for archival and retrieval of the data. Coming soon.

We hope you will find CleanSweep File Manager a useful addition to the NetSuite ecosphere. Download CleanSweep File Manager today!


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