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How to Back-up Your NetSuite Data to SQL

Why Backup your NetSuite Data?

Backing up your NetSuite data and files has many advantages ranging from external reporting, third-party integrations, automation, auditing to disaster recovery.  Here are some of the top reasons why organizations need to backup their NetSuite data and files:

 NetSuite customer is migrating off of NetSuite and needs to keep their data and files

  1. This is often a result of a merger or acquisition, or change to migrate to a competing ERP platform
  2. NetSuite customer needs to integrate their data with 3rd Party Reporting Tools
    Examples include Looker, PowerBI or Tableau
  3. NetSuite customer needs to access their data in SQL Database or Data Warehouse
    Examples include Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or Amazon Redshift
  4. NetSuite customer needs additional backups of data and files in the cloud
    NetSuite does provide back-ups and disaster recover, but sometimes customers will want to know that they have their own copy of the data
  5. NetSuite customer needs weekly, monthly, quarterly snapshots of their data for analysis over time
    The need for snapshots can be driven by regulatory or compliance requirements that require point-in-time reporting which NetSuite is not designed to support


Introducing Techfino’s CleanSweep Archive Data ETL Tool

With CleanSweep Archive, syncing, exporting and backing up your NetSuite data is a completely turn-key process.  You’re able to export all your NetSuite data one time or sync it on a continuous basis. 

Depending on your organization's needs, you have several options for destination and format of your data.  CleanSweep Archive customers have the option to choose any combination of destinations to sync their NetSuite data.

  1. Sync your NetSuite database to CSV files - All your NetSuite data will be backed up and exported to CSV files and stored in our fully managed and secure cloud hosting
  2. Sync your NetSuite database to SQL compatible database - Fully relational SQL database hosting in the cloud – Techfino offers both multi-tenant and single-tenant cluster options 
  3. Sync your NetSuite database to Amazon Redshift data warehouse - Integrating NetSuite data with third party reporting tools here is super easy
  4. Destination of your choice not on the list? Drop us a line below

In addition to backing up all your NetSuite records and transactions, CleanSweep Archive includes CleanSweep File Manager to back-up your NetSuite File Cabinet to CleanSweep as well. With CleanSweep File Manager, once files in the File Cabinet are archived, they are preserved and can be safely purged based on your configurable file retention policy. In addition, the links between your files and records are safely preserved in a custom table by CleanSweep Archive.

Once you’ve signed up and your CleanSweep account has been provisioned and our SuiteApp is installed into NetSuite account, you will have access to the CleanSweep Dashboard via a new CleanSweep NetSuite menu item shown atop of the Login Screen below in Figure 1:


 Figure 1. CleanSweep Login Screen

The CleanSweep Dashboard (see Figure 2) shows the total result of all your past NetSuite Data exports and file backups.  From here you can schedule future data exports from NetSuite to your pre-configured destination, view audit logs, browse exported files, generate your CleanSweep Data Validation Certificate and/or view your Trial Balance Report based on your exported data for reconciliation.


Figure 2. CleanSweep Archive Dashboard

In future blog posts we will dive into more detail on each one of these features and how they benefit your organization.


Why choose Techfino for your NetSuite ETL and Archive Needs?

As always, Techfino is here to support organizations large and small with their NetSuite needs.  Techfino’s team of NetSuite expert’s built CleanSweep Archive with the specific needs of NetSuite customers in mind.  CleanSweep Archive is backed by a full staff of NetSuite consultants and experts that can develop custom reports and support all of our customer's specific needs.  Should your auditor require retrieval of data or reports, Techfino will support you and assist your team with the speedy retrieval of needed data and reports.




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