Need to connect NetSuite to either on-premise or cloud systems?


Techfino can connect NetSuite to virtually any system and send data back-and-forth in any format.


  • Rapid Implementation - Most Integration Projects are completed within 4-8 weeks.
  • Real-Time Dashboard - Techfino integrations provide System Administrators in NetSuite with a dashboard to monitor performance.
  • Save Money - Techfino integrations can save money and have a ROI over the long term when compared to IPaaS solutions.
  • The Right Tool for the Job - Techfino offers solutions for custom applications where there are no ready- built connectors on the market.  We also install pre-built connectors for standard integration projects to commercial off-the-shelf applications where integrations may already be available.  And for complex integration projects that require high-volumes and enterprise-grade engineering, we have middleware integration connector solutions to help companies scale and meet the toughest challenges.

Built on top of an Enterprise Foundation

Techfino’s enterprise integration connectors and services are built on top of a solid Java Spring IO development framework which implements over 65 Enterprise Integration Design Patterns. By leveraging the open-source Spring integration project, our connector is lightweight enough for enterprise applications and flexible enough to change with each customer’s unique systems integration requirements. The primary focus of the Techfino Spring Integration platform is to provide a simple model for building enterprise level NetSuite integrations and applications while maintaining a separation of concerns that is essential for building maintainable, secure, and reliable code.

No limits for NetSuite integrations

With Techfino’s experienced development team and the Spring framework, we can connect virtually any two software systems. Techfino has developed connectors for NetSuite, the leading cloud-based ERP platform and Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, and others.




Commercial integration providers like Zapier offer their own “standard” connectors which have their own limitations. Connecting to private hosted systems or proprietary systems may not be supported and strict governance may preclude high data volume throughput.

Likewise, some non-standard flows or other requirements may also not be supported with regular commercial offerings. For example, you may need a Magento Connector that handles multiple images, complex Items, and multiple websites consolidated in one integration and international 3PL's as well. Contact Techfino to validate your requirements. 

Our Approach


Rapid Development and Delivery

Many of our standard NetSuite integration engagements are completed within a few weeks. Because of our tried and tested integration library and implementation approach, Techfino is able to ensure that we are able to efficiently capture requirements, build, test and deliver a solution to insure our clients mission critical integration processes are delivered on time and on budget.

Cost Effective NetSuite Integration

All Techfino NetSuite integration connectors are custom built to customer’s unique requirements, without the high cost of ownership that comes with commercial integration packages. You pay one cost up front and own the connector and source-code thereafter.

NetSuite Integration

Techfino offers a custom NetSuite integration development option using either webservice offering SuiteTalk (SOAP) or REST based on your unique project needs In other cases, ODBC can also be leveraged for rapid data export from NetSuite. As a NetSuite Solution Provider Partner and Solution Developer Network Partner, our experienced developers are experts at building highly scalable and fault-tolerant solutions that work with-in the unique confines of the NetSuite governance model. When you work with Techfino on your next integration project you will receive a complete integration analysis and BluePrint that documents the full system integration design.

Pre-built NetSuite Integrations

For integration projects between NetSuite and other Commercial Applications that have a prebuilt connector, Techfino brings Celigo IPaaS solutions to the table.  With these connectors Techfino is able to complete an installation in under 10 business days.