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CleanSweep Archive v1.5 Release Notes

CleanSweep Archive latest version is out and it has several big enhancements for our NetSuite customers who are looking to backup their NetSuite data to the cloud or migrate off NetSuite.

In this release of CleanSweep, we added full support for exporting NetSuite multibooks data.  NetSuite accounts with Multibooks enabled are now fully exportable to SQL database using CleanSweep Archive.

We have also released our BETA v.01 of CleanSweep Record Browser, which allows you to browse your synced NetSuite data from a windows application.  Supports searching and filtering of Transaction level data and viewing of Transation and Transaction Line level data.

Full release notes below:


  • Multi-Books support – Added support for multibooks and multiple fiscal calendars
  • CleanSweep Record Browser BETA v.01- Released BETA version of "CleanSweep Record Browser" -  A downloadable Windows Desktop application with a convenient GUI interface for browsing NetSuite transactional data that has been exported from your NetSuite Database records.  Currently supports looking and filtering of Transactions and Transaction Lines level data from your exported Netsuite Data.
  • Additional Retry Handling on Exceptions – Error handling has been improved to reduce failure rate while copying data.  Additional retry logic has been added to all connectivity adapters.  Existing retry logic has been improved to include back-off mechanisms to prevent request flooding.


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