• Combined Invoices
  • Automated Payment Reminders
  • Enhanced Financial Visibility

Need an Invoice Consolidation solution for NetSuite?

  • Do you find yourself regularly sending customers multiple invoices or manually combining invoices?
  • Do you waste time chasing down multiple payments from a single customer?
  • Or, do you just need a way to send a single invoice to a customer instead of several?

Perhaps you should be considering an invoice consolidation solution.

We know that managing invoices can be a daunting process.


And billing the same customer numerous invoices over a period of time adds yet another layer of complexity. However, properly managing, billing, and ensuring payment is arguably the most crucial process for your business.


Our latest product offering, the Techfino Invoice Consolidation SuiteBundle, is a NetSuite invoice consolidation solution that enables you to combine multiple invoices for a single customer, send automated payment reminders, and much more.

This turnkey solution helps you keep better tabs on your invoices, improves financial and cash flow visibility, gets you paid sooner and saves critical administrative time.


In addition to enhancing your internal operations and finances, it also creates happier customers.

Making it easier for customers to pay you by creating the option for one consolidated payment makes doing business with you easier. And keeping them informed on payment due dates helps them stay organized, too.

Key Features

Easy to Install and Configure

Fully Customizable

Dynamic PDF generation

Automated emailing to customer

Dunning Letter capabilities to automate late payment reminders

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