Need to automate processes in NetSuite to improve efficiency?


At Techfino, we are process architects by trade and engineers by heart. We combine our deep unique functional expertise, technical superiority, and passion for our work to help you get the  best value out of NetSuite.

Over the years we have worked on over 80+ successful implementations with over 50+ successful integration projects.  Here are some recent NetSuite customization projects we've worked on.

  • Added Landed Cost COGS to the NetSuite Commission calculation.  This customer saw an ROI within 60 days!

  • Retrieve FedEx Detail Charges via sFTP and update/create Tracking Records in NetSuite. Based on charges from FedEx automatically generate Vendor Bills.

  • Consolidated InvoicingConsolidate Invoices by Contract to send a single Invoice to each Customer.

  • Average Daily Balance Reporting By Segment in OneWorld (by Dept, Class, Subsidiary, etc...) This customer required the calculation and storage of the average daily balances for all Balance Sheet accounts. These calculated amounts are used for both financial reporting in NetSuite and are also exported to Essbase for EVA reporting on a monthly basis. Also, the Average Daily Balance of inter-company balances are used as a basis for an inter-company allocation charge where the Average Daily Balance of the period is multiplied by a cost of capital rate provided by Treasury.

  • SuiteGL Customization. As part of the Order-to-Cash process flow for the SET subsidiary, a new SuiteGL customization is required to create debits/credits necessary for impacting the Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory Offset accounts on Invoices and Credit Memos.

  • Import Bank File Data (OFX) for Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Import bank files daily from the banks for reconciliation and import payments into NetSuite