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Get the NetSuite Support You Need

You are a fast-growing and evolving business that just acquired NetSuite to future proof your company for long term innovation and growth. You went live. You know that you have a great tool in your hands – but perhaps you’re not feeling you fully understand what was implemented, how to best administer it, how to best optimize, or get the best value out of your NetSuite investment.

Are you migrating a new subsidiary, being told you need new modules or integrating external systems? Perhaps you're considering purchasing ACS - Advanced Customer Support and are unsure if it's the right move. Or, maybe it's just not enough.

If this sounds familiar, you need a true NetSuite Support partner. And not just from any partner. You need a partner that listens and understands your objectives, knows NetSuite intimately, and proactively advises and implements only the required functionality to improve and optimize NetSuite for your specific organizational needs.

Why Consider a NetSuite Support Partner?

Companies partner with NetSuite support partners for many different reasons:




SuiteAnswers, NetSuite Premium Support or Advanced Customer Support isn’t doing the trick.
Are you constantly being pitched to upgrade or buy new modules?
Do you have the internal manpower to fully optimize the platform?
Do you need a NetSuite expert that understands your industry and how to adapt NetSuite for it?
Generally feeling “stuck”?

Having a NetSuite partner helps you optimize the platform to ensure you’re only paying for what you need, that you’re running at max capacity, and are fully realizing the value of your investment.

Choose the Right Partner

Choosing the right partner is a hard decision. After all, you are trusting your business in someone else’s hands. You need a partner that knows your industry intimately, has both deep functional and technical NetSuite expertise, and has an innate, proactive and vested interest in your success.

Techfino’s approach to NetSuite Support is unlike other services out there. Techfino’s NetSuite Support Program ContinuedSuccess – is a true, proactive business service.


Always Proactive. Reactive When Needed.

We can help you get out of a jam quickly – but our bigger mission is to be your long-term, proactive business advisors to first stabilize your NetSuite environment, then proactively optimize it for long term success. We will always be “on-call” for you, but our primary role is to be your full-time NetSuite Architect and Sherpa – in whatever capacity you need (as the lead or part of your existing team). We can help you navigate new releases, recommend the modules that you actually need, do integrations, continuously analyze and optimize your NetSuite account.

We Build a Dedicated Team Built for You.

We build all of our client teams with a portfolio approach. So, you know that your team knows your business’s history and goals inside and out; and is invested in making it succeed. Your Portfolio Manager is a senior-level NetSuite Expert and is supported by a dedicated and seasoned cross-functional team. We believe in top level service - no matter what your company’s size - from venture-backed SME's to global enterprises.

A Promise of Affordability.

We will never try to “sell” you into modules or functionality that you don’t need. Or tell you “that’s not in scope.” Because that’s an old school, vendor-centric, transactional business model. That’s not us. Techfino’s ContinuedSuccess Program is about creating a lasting partnership and true consultative environment.  Our Portfolio approach was designed to reflect our dedication to our partnership with you.


Are you ready for success?

Get optimal value from your NetSuite investment whether you self-implemented, worked directly with NetSuite for an initial SuiteSuccess implementation, utilized a NetSuite Partner, or just had a key internal resource leave the company, enhance the value of your NetSuite investment with Techfino’s flexible NetSuite Support program - ContinuedSuccess.


Still Unsure if ContinuedSuccess by Techfino is for you?

Ask yourself these questions. If you answer “yes” to any of them, you should call Techfino.




Are you feeling unsatisfied with the level of support you are receiving from your current partner? Whether that be responsiveness, turn-around times, lack of proactive advising, vertical expertise, etc
Is NetSuite trying to sell you Advanced Customer Support? Unsure if you should buy a Learning Pass?
Are you worried that you’re paying for modules or services that may not be necessary?
Did you have your NetSuite or IT administrator recently leave the company?
Do you need help justifying your move to NetSuite and the financial investment that came along with it?
Looking for more hands-on support than what NetSuite Premium Support provides?
Do you have a complex NetSuite environment with multiple vendor arrangements?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above statements, you need a NetSuite partner like Techfino!

And not just any partner, but platform experts that can provide fully managed services post go-live to support and optimize your NetSuite account and overall investment. Not only will you save money on hiring a NetSuite Administrator, you’ll have best-in-class experts working in the platform for you and proactively making recommendations from integrations, optimization, security, and ecommerce.

If you answered “no” to all of the above statements you could still benefit from a NetSuite partner like Techfino!

A strong partner can help optimize your NetSuite account and overall investment. Not only will you save money on your next project working with a partner like Techfino, you’ll have best-in-class experts working proactively with you in making recommendations from integrations, optimization, security, and ecommerce.

We are exactly what you’ve been looking for – and more.


Still can't decide?  Learn more about ContinuedSuccess.




NetSuite Resources 

What is SuiteAnswers?

SuiteAnswers is available to all customers. Just navigate to your Support tab and choose SuiteAnswers. SuiteAnswers is a searchable help center with articles,best practices, help topics and training videos. You’ll find all the basic information you need in SuiteAnswers but it won’t give you the higher level advice you need for full guidance on “what to do next” with your NetSuite account. You can also submit online support cases when search results don’t provide the answers you need.

What is NetSuite Premium Support?

NetSuite Premium Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Premium Support includes: Best practices, Toll-free Technical Center access, Priority Queuing, Prioritization of Online cases by severity, Weekend coverage, Early notification of new releases.

Although NetSuite Premium Support is intended to be full service it tends be general in nature and they will refer you to other professional services such as SuiteOptimize or Advanced Customer Support.