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Trust Techfino to deliver it all on NetSuite

Techfino helps agencies drive company-wide efficiency, enhance workflow visibility and create financial transparency.

We understand the complex, shifting agency models of a consumer-centric and highly personalized marketplace. From hourly billing models to retainer-based models, agencies require clear delineation of time spent on individual projects and strict resource management to stay competitive and profitable. Agencies also need to be able to focus on delivering compelling creative at record speeds. These pressures have agencies scrambling to reshape organization structures.

Techfino helps agencies migrate to NetSuite and maximize its functionality so that they can stay focused on delivering exceptional strategies and creative instead of spending billable hours managing disparate systems.

“Techfino’s knowledge of NetSuite enables agency clients to streamline processes, create agency-wide efficiencies, offer competitive pricing and increase bottom line – which is every agency’s primary objective.”


Bryan Willman
Managing Partner

What can NetSuite and Techfino do for Advertising and Marketing companies?

Transparent workflow processes.

Understand the project lifecycle and time spent by each department on projects to help locate where efficiencies need to be managed.

See end-to-end business operations for your entire agency.

Streamline project management, resource optimization, pitch-to-invoice and other critical advertising business processes.

Deliver breakthrough creativity—and the performance and cost transparency to back it up.

Keep your team focused on creating great creative by removing manual administrative processes while automating analytics and reporting.

Structure new business proposals and estimates that win the business and keep agency financials on target.

By better understanding the true cost to complete a project, you can more effectively set competitive pricing and client expectations during the RFP process.

Create role-based dashboards and UIs (for executives vs. finance vs. project management vs. sales, etc.).

Get on the fly reporting for all key departments for agency-wide transparency.

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We understand agencies and the delicate line between profitability and optimal service. Trust Techfino to help you deliver both through NetSuite.