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CleanSweep Archive v1.4 Release Notes

CleanSweep Archive latest version is out and it has several big enhancements for our NetSuite customers who are looking to backup their NetSuite data to the cloud or migrate off NetSuite.

First, we have added an enhancement to Archive to support archiving your NetSuite data based on specific subsidiaries.  This is a common need for Private Equity in Mergers and Acquisitions.  When there is a divestiture of a subsidiary asset, commonly, there is a need to only retain data from one or more subsidiaries.  The latest release of CleanSweep Archive supports this use case for those Private Equity NetSuite Customers.

The other major changes in this release were enhancements to foreign currency reporting, bug-fixes and improving the performance of our Archive process.  We can now easily support large NetSuite instances of 1 terabyte and beyond.

Full release notes below:


  • Trial Balance to have correct foreign currencyEnhancement to CleanSweep Trial Balance Report so that it correctly handles foreign currency accounts and multiple subsidiaries with different currencies.
  • Add Subsidiary Filter to archive for Carve-Out Scenario – Enhancement to CleanSweep Archive to select which NetSuite subsidiaries to backup.
  • Trial Balance handle different fiscal year calendarEnhancement to CleanSweep Trial Balance Report to correctly adjust based on NetSuite subsidiary fiscal year start and end dates
  • Create process for backup and restore for cold storage / offline DB – Enhancement that allows customers to take NetSuite Backup database offline and put into cold storage for long term archive.
  • Fix for foreign character set in archiveAddress bug where NetSuite records which contain some foreign characters were not being stored correctly.
  • Large Database (1 TB) proof of concept work - Enterprise-level NetSuite account testing for backing up large accounts to cloud with approximate sizes of 1 TB+.
  • Pre & Post Data Validation Improve handling and performance for pre- and post-data validation of NetSuite Archive.
  • Bug where Archive fails due to page size – Fix for rare cases where a NetSuite table contains very large record space causing the NetSuite backup to occasionally fail that record.
  • Add parallel processing for table Archive – Performance improvement for CleanSweep Archive when backing up NetSuite tables. NetSuite tables are now synced and backed up to cloud in parallel to reduce the total time for NetSuite backup.
  • Add parallel processing for data validation ­– Performance improvement for validating CleanSweep backups match what is in NetSuite.
  • Improve Archive performance / run-time - Improved run-time logic for archive to simplify processing and data access.
  • Improve retry logic for ODBC connection errors ­– Improvements for handling ODBC errors when connecting to the NetSuite database.
  • Update NetSuite ODBC driver - Netsuite Sunset old driver – NetSuite ODBC driver update to latest version.
  • Update Archive ODBC connection for NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Latest Release Update NetSuite to SuiteAnalytics to latest version.

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