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NetSuite Revolutionizing Field Service Delivery by Strategically Acquiring Innovative Technology

  • Posted by Wiktor Borowiec
  • On November 30, 2023

As part of a broader strategic initiative to digitize field operations, Oracle NetSuite has acquired Next Technik, a leading provider of field service management solutions. “To help our customers address these issues and enhance field service operations, we are excited about this new field management solution," said Evan Goldberg. Integrating Next Technik’s offerings into the NetSuite platform allows for enhanced workflow automation, inventory optimization, and data analytics capabilities. These improved functionalities empower businesses to reduce costs, drive efficiency, and deliver superior customer field experiences.

The company said the deal, of which terms were not disclosed, will allow NetSuite customers to have field service management capabilities, including streamlining scheduling and dispatching, as well as managing inventory and assets. By automating key field service processes and providing real-time insights, it will help our customers reduce operational costs, increase satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately improve both the top and bottom lines.

Centralizing Asset Management and Work Order Execution

By interconnecting the management of customer assets and service delivery coordination on NetSuite, field service organizations gain complete visibility into their asset hierarchy. This enables the monitoring of equipment from initial installation through decommissioning to align maintenance and upgrades with warranty and compliance schedules proactively.

Additionally, automated work order generation from NetSuite cases, sales orders, projects, and asset records allows for the seamless assignment of the right technician. By optimizing skills-based assignments and location-based dispatch processes, service delivery capacity limitations can be overcome.

Enhancing Productivity with Mobility and Real-Time Data

Equipping field technicians with a user-friendly application provides the information required to complete work orders with minimal need for additional office communication. By providing real-time customer, asset, inventory, and job detail access mobile capabilities drive first-time fix rate improvements and faster job completion. Furthermore, automated cost and parts usage capture from the field simplifies billing and restocking processes.

Informing Critical Decision Making through Integrated Reporting

Consolidating field service data, including schedules, assets, inventory, and technician activity provides a 360-degree view of the service delivery operation. Integrated dashboards allow for rapid identification of inefficiencies in dispatch processes, excess truck rolls, parts depletion issues, and asset downtime occurrences. This intelligence facilitates data-driven improvement initiatives to control costs and drive revenue through service level enhancements.

For any further inquiries regarding how this field service solution can enhance workforce utilization, boost asset productivity, optimize inventory, and improve customer service, feel free to contact Techfino for a comprehensive briefing. Our team can offer personalized guidance on how Next Technik's offerings can equip your field teams with the essential technology to elevate service execution.


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