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Wiktor Borowiec

Keys to Success for Complex NetSuite Implementations - Part 1

Adapting to a Changing Landscape Throughout my career as an implementation consultant, I have been part of many ERP, CRM and e-commerce implementations, each bringing its own complexities. Regardless of the size of the company or type of business,[...]
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Scott Nelson

When Should You Convert from Salesforce to NetSuite?

Many times during my NetSuite implementations, I encounter clients who are currently using Salesforce for their CRM and are unsure whether to convert from Salesforce to NetSuite once they start using NetSuite as their ERP.
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Scott Nelson

NetSuite Go Live Didn’t Go Well? Now What? Read this for Help!

Your NetSuite Go-Live date has finally arrived, but instead of the anticipated improvements in ease and efficiency expected from this all-in-one business management solution, you are finding your operations grinding to a halt, plummeting KPIs, low[...]
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