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Leaving SuiteWorld 2017: Day 4 - What's "Next" for Techfino?

As SuiteWorld 2017 comes to a close and we begin our journey back to reality, we are happy to report that not everything is going to stay in Vegas! As a team we are feeling inspired to continue delivering the best for our clients and to support them as they pursue what's "next" for their businesses. And with several new features coming to NetSuite this year, we are more equipped than ever to ensure success.

SuiteWorld was a whirlwind. What felt like an endless celebration of announcement after announcement was certainly that, but even more. There is always plenty of fun to experience at SuiteWorld and to have both the customers and developers together is quite the experience. Let's just say, NetSuite knows how to put on a stellar conference. We fully enjoyed ourselves, from the Hackathon 4Good to showing off our latest products during the expo and, of course, at the SuiteWorld17 NextFest!

During the expo, we had the chance to network with existing and new NetSuite customers to proudly introduce CleanSweep and to announce the arrival of both CS File Manager and CS Archive in the SuiteApp store. This was a big moment for us that we have been looking forward to for the past year. We are grateful to NetSuite for inviting partners like us so that we can show off our hard work and build our businesses together as one unified force.

At SuiteWorld, the idea of unification is not only preached from a product perspective—NetSuite, the most unified business solution out there—but it is felt. From a single customer running their boutique's financials on NetSuite to the enterprise-level retail operations being studied by NetSuite experts, everyone is brought together to share their successes and their desire to achieve more.


The Techfino crew along with some NetSuite colleagues at SuiteWorld17 NextFest in Las Vegas, NV on April 26, 2017. Performers included Chris Shiflett and the Royal Machines.

While we recapped many of the major announcements that will benefit Techfino customers, we have merely scratched the surface on what NetSuite has planned. Stick with us as we continue to introduce and dive deeper into the latest and greatest aspects of NetSuite. The conference was as much a learning experience as it was a chance to network (and maybe we partied a little), so stop back for more from our expert consultants!

We will soon be on our way back from Vegas and we don't want to leave anything behind! Comment below to share your SuiteWorld 2017 experience or to hear more about the future of Techfino's partnership with NetSuite!


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