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Revolutionizing NetSuite Support, Again: Meet Techfino’s ContinuedSuccess

Proactive, Since Forever

As the world’s first NetSuite Partner to offer NetSuite Support as a Managed Service and provide 24x7 Support, we have a longstanding and unyielding commitment to innovation. Today, we’re doubling down on those efforts with ContinuedSuccess — a revolutionary new NetSuite Support solution.

The World of NetSuite Support Will Never Be The Same 

Techfino is proud to launch ContinuedSuccess, a proprietary, subscription-based support service that is unrivaled in the features and professional expertise that come standard with every plan. 

It’s our most ambitious project yet, and we firmly believe it’s the best NetSuite Support Service available. 

Put simply, it’s your one-stop shop for all things support, from the very first stages of strategic planning and guidance to day-to-day operations and ensuring that your business is ready for whatever the future might hold. 

Best of all, it’s backed by Techfino, meaning you get access to a dedicated team of industry-leading experts to provide the highest quality advisement imaginable. When paired with our proactive and cost-effective approach to Managed Services, it’s simply unstoppable. 


Benefits You, And Your Business, Can Count On


ContinuedSuccess, with its innovative approach to NetSuite Support and Managed Services, is specifically tailored to enhance your decision-making speed, streamline change management, boost productivity, and minimize costs — all while steering your organization toward sustained growth and success.

Enhanced Benefits of Our NetSuite Support Solutions:


While using ContinuedSuccess, our clients have received remarkable results and access to once-unthinkable results and services. This includes, in part:

  • Near-Immediate Return on Investment: Quickly realize the full potential of your NetSuite investment.
  • Expert Team at Your Service: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of a dedicated team, specialized in various industry verticals.
  • Proactive, World-Class Consultation: Enjoy continuous, top-tier consultation, ensuring proactive support for your needs.
  • Optimization Around the Clock: Experience consistent optimization services, available 24/7.
  • Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Support: Attain an affordable solution that comprehensively supports your IT, Finance, and Operations groups.
  • Centralized Coordination: Utilize a single point of contact for all your NetSuite Service and Support requirements.
  • Unified Contract Management: Efficiently manage one contract covering all aspects of maintenance, administration, sustaining services, and enhancements.
  • Contextual Team Guidance: Our team consistently aligns with your needs, offering tailored advice for the optimal use of solutions and execution strategies.
  • Timely, Responsive Results: Receive quick responses as needed, without the delays typically associated with Statements of Work (SOWs).
  • Multi-Vendor Environment Support: Get expert advice and structured support for environments involving multiple vendors.
  • Access to a Best-in-Class Experts: Engage with a complete team of platform, solution, and development experts at a fraction of the usual cost.

Curious How We Make the Impossible Possible?

Purchasing ContinuedSuccess means you’ll receive the best possible care each step of the way. You can check out our full list of features in our Ultimate Guide to NetSuite Support, but here are a few noteworthy examples.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a cornerstone of our service offering. We meticulously plan support hours, prepare for new NetSuite releases, and manage open cases. This detailed approach ensures that your NetSuite environment is not only current but also aligned with your long-term business strategy and objectives.

The promise of SuiteSuccess is that NetSuite can help your business evolve from day 1 and mature and evolve over a series of major projects to help your business reach the pinnacle of success.  ContinuedSuccess is Techfino’s approach to helping our Clients map out a future IT Roadmap that aligns to their vision and objectives and working to ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly while the future enhancements, expansion and evolution take place.

Upgrade Support

ContinuedSuccess ensures that you're always ahead of the curve. That means providing timely notifications about new releases and keeping you informed and prepared each step of the way — especially when it comes to new products and features.

Our team conducts thorough impact assessments to evaluate how these updates will affect your operations, ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, we offer comprehensive training, ensuring your team is well-versed and can fully leverage the latest functionalities offered by NetSuite. 

System Administration

Our comprehensive System Administration services are designed to simplify your NetSuite experience. We handle a wide range of tasks including data imports, user provisioning, and customizations tailored to your specific business needs.

This service helps ensure that your NetSuite environment is always optimized, up-to-date, and aligned with your operational requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Extended Application Support

Recognizing that your business needs extend beyond NetSuite, our Extended Application Support covers a range of third-party systems and integrated back-office applications. Our expertise in applications like Boomi, Celigo, Strongpoint, Blackline, Tipalti, RF-Smart, SQL Server, Jira, and Confluence, among others, ensures seamless integration and operation, enhancing your overall business efficiency and productivity.


Maximizing Your NetSuite Investment With a Team You Can Trust


Upgrading your NetSuite Support with Techfino means partnering with a leader who understands your industry as deeply as they understand NetSuite, itself.

Your success has always been our top priority — and we remain equally committed to helping you achieve your business goals in the most efficient, effective, and economical way. Our dedication to innovation, excellence, and client success has driven us to deliver world-class enterprise solutions for hundreds of clients, from New York to Hong Kong.

To begin your journey with Techfino’s ContinuedSuccess, contact us today or download our whitepaper for more information. We look forward to assisting you in enhancing your NetSuite Support and achieving your business objectives.


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