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The Shifting SaaS Paradigm: Navigating ERP Shrinkflation with Techfino by Your Side

  • Posted by Bryan Willman
  • On May 09, 2024

It’s no secret that the SaaS landscape is changing more quickly than many businesses ever anticipated. Nowhere is this more evident than in the increasing prevalence of shrinkflation—the practice of offering fewer features for the same cost, or in many instances, even higher premiums. 

While once largely regulated to the CPG sector, shrinkflation is increasingly gaining popularity within the SaaS industry. Unfortunately, not even NetSuite’s ERP is immune from the changing tides.

The Oracle-owned ERP provider’s recent decision to discontinue free sandbox access for certain service tiers beginning May 15, 2024, is a pivotal embrace of the shrinkflation phenomenon. This article explores the implications of this change and how businesses can adapt strategically, with a focus on how partnering with Techfino offers a competitive advantage in navigating these waters.


Major Changes Coming to a Sandbox Near You

Historically, NetSuite has included complimentary sandbox environments in its Premium, Enterprise, and Ultimate Service Tiers, providing a critical tool for safe testing and development without risking operational stability. The removal of this benefit represents a significant strategy shift, signaling a new era where essential services may incur additional costs​ — and hiring a qualified NetSuite Expert has become essential. 


Implications for SaaS & ERP Ecosystems

It’s not just NetSuite customers that are going to be impacted. This change by NetSuite is emblematic of a broader trend in the technology sector, where service models are being recalibrated. 

Companies must now grapple with increased operational costs at a time when economic efficiency is paramount. This 'shrinkflation' in SaaS challenges businesses to reassess the value and ROI of their technological investments, urging a strategic reevaluation of resource allocation, service planning​​, and partner selection. 


Strategic Adaptations for Future-Ready Businesses

Adapting to these changes requires more than just accepting increased costs; it demands a proactive approach to your NetSuite customization, investment, and usage. By hiring a high-quality NetSuite Support team, like Techfino, organizations can best prepare for whatever the future throws their way. 

For example, we can help with:


Strategic Testing and Development: Companies should prioritize their testing activities, focusing on key areas that deliver maximum impact for business continuity and innovation.


Efficient Use of Resources: It's crucial to optimize the utilization of sandbox environments by periodically reviewing your Environment Strategy and ensuring you scale the number of Sandboxes over time to match your development, testing, and change management needs.


Alternative Solutions Exploration: Businesses may need to explore alternative platforms or negotiate different service terms that align more closely with their financial and operational goals.


Of course, this is just the tip of a rapidly growing iceberg. 


Techfino: Your Guide Through Changing Tides

Techfino exists to help businesses navigate these complexities and many more. As a premier NetSuite partner, Techfino offers deep insights and strategic guidance to help companies adapt to these changes effectively and cost-efficiently:

Cost Savings: Our world-class Sales team leverages decades of experience to help clients optimize the number of sandboxes they might need and negotiate better NetSuite pricing  — keeping costs down and client satisfaction up. 

Tailored Consultation Services: Techfino’s expertise in NetSuite solutions positions it uniquely to advise companies on optimizing their service tier selections and managing the new costs effectively.

Customization and Optimization: By understanding each client's IT maturity and unique needs, Techfino can help streamline and enhance NetSuite environments, ensuring businesses extract maximum value from their investments.

Ongoing Support and Innovation: Techfino’s continuous support and proactive innovation strategies ensure that clients stay ahead of the curve, turning potential challenges into opportunities for growth.

By reevaluating their strategies and aligning with knowledgeable partners like Techfino, businesses can navigate this new terrain successfully. The future of SaaS may be uncertain, but with thoughtful leadership and strategic partnerships, companies can ensure they not only adapt but thrive.


To learn more about our unique and proven process, head over to our NetSuite Implementation page for even more information. 


The Real ERP Solution Lies in the Partners You Choose to Be By Your Side

Are you ready to navigate the complexities of tomorrow’s SaaS ecosystem? Reach out to Techfino today for strategic insights and partnerships that will empower your business for years to come. 


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