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Techfino Partner Spotlight: License Plating and Make-to-Stock Manufacturing with NetSuite & RF-SMART

License plating is a cutting-edge method of inventory control, especially prevalent in make-to-stock manufacturing environments. It involves the unique approach of grouping multiple products into a single unit, each assigned a unique license plate number for tracking purposes. At Techfino, we have cultivated expertise in this field, often collaborating with our partners like RF-SMART to provide integrated License Plating solutions with NetSuite.

Understanding License Plating and Its Benefits in Inventory Control

Improved Efficiency: License plating doesn’t only simplify inventory management; it revolutionizes it. By utilizing this method, manufacturers streamline the process of moving inventory throughout the warehouse. This translates to significant reductions in time and labor required for critical tasks such as picking, shipping, and organizing stock. The clarity offered by license plating brings a new level of efficiency to these essential warehouse functions.

Increased Accuracy: Errors in inventory tracking can be costly. License plating provides a solution to this challenge by ensuring each inventory unit is assigned a unique identifier. This level of precision drastically reduces errors compared to manually tracking inventory using traditional methods, offering peace of mind and saving valuable resources in the long run.

Better Visibility: The power of real-time tracking with license plating allows manufacturers to gain unparalleled insight into their supply chain. By monitoring every product's movement, it's possible to identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement. This level of insight can help drive strategic decisions, ensuring the manufacturing process remains agile and responsive.

Enhanced Quality Control: Quality control is paramount in manufacturing, and license plating offers a robust tool for this purpose. By meticulously tracking individual units throughout the manufacturing process, license plating enables manufacturers to identify and resolve quality control issues quickly. This ensures that only high-quality products reach the customer, enhancing brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Reduced Inventory Costs: Inventory management is a delicate balancing act. Using license plating, manufacturers can optimize stock levels, avoiding both overstocking and understocking. This reduces holding costs, minimizes waste, and improves overall profitability, making license plating a sound investment for the future.

License Plating and Pallet Management: A Strategic Connection

One of the key components of license plating that enhances its effectiveness is its integration with pallet management. In the world of warehouse and inventory control, pallets are commonly used to group multiple items together, forming a single manageable unit. License plating takes this a step further by assigning a unique identifier to each pallet.

Streamlined Handling: By associating a unique license plate number with each pallet, warehouse staff can quickly identify, move, and track large quantities of products. This minimizes the complexity of handling individual items and significantly reduces the chances of errors.

Real-Time Visibility: With license plating, information about the entire pallet and its contents can be accessed instantly through a single scan. This provides real-time visibility into the inventory, enabling more agile decision-making and enhancing the responsiveness of the supply chain.

Quality Assurance and Cost Reduction: License plating with pallets ensures that quality control measures can be applied efficiently, and it supports cost-effective management of stock. By aligning the license plating strategy with pallet usage, businesses can achieve a seamless, integrated approach to inventory management that brings tangible benefits.

At Techfino, our expertise in implementing license plating extends to integrating it with effective pallet management. By leveraging tools like NetSuite and RF-SMART, we ensure that our clients can capitalize on the synergies between license plating and pallets, creating a robust and responsive inventory control system.

Implementing License Plating with Techfino

To harness the full potential of license plating in a make-to-stock manufacturing environment, it's essential to have the right tools. Manufacturers need a warehouse management system (WMS) that supports this functionality, and this may involve integrating with existing ERP systems or implementing a standalone solution.

At Techfino, we specialize in tailoring License Plating solutions for our clients. Our extensive experience with NetSuite customers has fostered successful collaborations with RF-SMART, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with NetSuite and provide state-of-the-art License Plating solutions.

We recently engaged with RF-SMART to dive deep into their app's capabilities in handling license plating. For a detailed insight into how Techfino and RF-SMART can elevate your inventory control with License Plating, you can watch the video here.


License plating is more than a method; it's a strategic approach to inventory control that offers manufacturers a clear path to improved efficiency, accuracy, quality, and profitability. As a leader in this field, Techfino stands ready to help you implement License Plating in your make-to-stock manufacturing process, leveraging our partnerships and expertise to deliver solutions tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about how License Plating can transform your operations.


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