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Techfino at SuiteWorld 2021: Day Two - Power Your Success

  • Posted by Bryan Willman
  • On October 20, 2021

SuiteWorld day 2 is off to a great start! Gary Weissinger, Oracle SVP of Product Management, took to the stage to discuss today’s theme, Power Your Success and what NetSuite is doing to help to do just that. Within the last 6 months alone, NetSuite has added 300 people to the product team and is taking a design thinking approach. This approach is a mindset and toolkit used to understand your problems and how to solve them using the following steps:

  1. Empathize - At NetSuite it is important to understand you including your needs, goals, fears, how you think, and what you feel.
  2. Define Problems - Sometimes these are problems that you aren’t even aware of.
  3. Ideate Solutions - NetSuite reimagines what is possible with ease, automation, insight, intelligence and Suiteness (the unifying power of NetSuite).
  4. Learn and Iterate


At NetSuite, it is important to understand customers and where they want to go. This is evident in the enhancements made to SuiteCommerce, including Intelligent Product Recommendations. This new enhancement allows a complete 360 degree understanding of customer accounts and allows customers to make informed decisions. SuiteCommerce was also launched in Canada and is being tested in Australia and New Zealand. There are 10 connectors available in SuiteCommerce with more to come.


Another important feature is MyAccount customer portal. Using this, customers are able to submit support cases, view recent payments, and pay multiple invoices. This is helpful not only for your customers but helps you get paid quickly. ACH payments are now available as well.


Next to the stage was Laura Maready, a Product Manager at Oracle. Laura discussed the following tools that allow you to execute a project:

  1. Planning
  2. Optimizing Inventory
  3. Streamlining Execution
  4. Optimizing the project lifecycle


Especially these days, it is important to be able to keep up with constant changes. NetSuite allows customers to do this with a planning repository as well as a planning workbench. This allows you to focus on what is most important to you. Planning can be run in less than 15 minutes including ability to check availability, zone picking, and smart count.


Laura then introduced Hanif Ismail, Vice President of Strategy and Product Management at NetSuite to discuss SuitePeople. SuitePeople covers five areas:

  1. Full Service US payroll solution (NetSuite processes over $3 billion annually)
  2. HR Administration
  3. Workforce Management
  4. Workforce Engagement
  5. Analytics


SuitePeople is a part of NetSuite’s DNA, providing a shared unified data model. It also includes refreshed employee onboarding and performance management.


One of NetSuite’s goals is to enable growth by doing as much work for you as possible. This includes automating cash management. Netsuite’s automated cash application allows for auto payment transactions in NetSuite as well as the ability to match payments to invoices. Cash 360 allows for complete cash insight. Everything you need is in NetSuite.


The last speaker was Ryan Grisso, SVP of Product Engineering. Ryan discussed how NetSuite has been invested in the cloud. NetSuite now has 12 data centers, 6 of which are Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), with more to come. As a part of Oracle, NetSuite is able to leverage Oracle’s many technologies creating better advances in the user experience. 


Stay tuned for more blogs coming from the team about important sessions attended at SuiteWorld!


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