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NetSuite Support Services 101: Tiers, Challenges, and Best Alternative

  • Posted by Bryan Willman
  • On February 07, 2024
  • NetSuite

If you’re reading this article, you likely know what NetSuite is. However, you probably have more than a few questions when it comes to the support services they offer. There are certainly many options at your disposal and even more considerations that will likely factor into your decision-making.

To aid you in your quest to demystify the various options, we put together this introductory article. In it, we explore the major tiers of support services provided by NetSuite, provide a high-level look at their features and challenges, and help you obtain the best NetSuite Support possible.


Understanding NetSuite’s “Basic Support” Tier


This aptly named package is just what it sounds like — the absolute basic level of customer support you can receive. The good news? It’s free with all paid plans, and it also includes access to online knowledge libraries and support communities.

While this provides a baseline level of support, it may not be sufficient for businesses with more complex needs or those requiring more in-depth assistance.

For example, if your organization operates during the weekend or anytime outside of traditional business hours, this option is not for you. The same is true if you’re looking for help with NetSuite Integrations or Customizations.

The Basic Support option is limited to addressing what NetSuite classifies as “critical issues” - and many of our clients found they’re unable to get the most basic questions answered without an upgrade to a higher tier.


NetSuite’s “Premium Support” Plan


The “Premium Support” plan builds upon the Basic tier, offering a few significant upgrades. Let’s take a closer look at the values of this paid model.

For starters, this is the minimum plan you can purchase to receive access to weekend support, a growing necessity in our on-demand universe. Additionally, it provides some assistance with NetSuite usage and configuration, making it a step up from the Basic tier for companies needing more hands-on support.

The most-cited criticism of this offering likely, isn’t a surprise: cost-effectiveness. Many critics cite the service cost them more than they anticipated and budgeted. In their defense, calculating the price of NetSuite can be difficult, in general. To aid in these efforts, we created this Ultimate NetSuite Pricing Guide.

The second biggest complaint we hear is that you don't get a dedicated team - so even the most fundamental and simple questions like "how come I don't see this field on this form?" can take several days to be assigned to the right tech and be answered. You're unlikely to get answers on your first point of contact, instead needing several exchanges to arrive at the solution.

Advanced Customer Support (ACS)


“Advanced Customer Support,” or ACS, represents the pinnacle of NetSuite's support offerings and, consequently, is the most expensive. This subscription-based service distinguishes itself by providing access to ACS Playbooks.

The playbooks are designed to guide organizations through complex growth stages and challenges, offering a more tailored approach to support. However, the high cost can be a barrier for many businesses. Additionally, the lack of a dedicated support team that truly understands your business is cited as a frequent drawback.


NetSuite Learning Cloud Support (LCS)


LCS focuses on educational resources and training. It includes self-paced online courses, webinars, and in-person training sessions. This option is largely self-driven, catering to users who prefer to learn at their own pace and delve into the materials independently.

Unfortunately, it lacks the personalized touch and guidance that most businesses require. While a good tool for training, it can in no way replace the support received from an expert.


The Best NetSuite Support Alternative: ContinuedSuccess


Despite the array of options provided by NetSuite, many businesses find themselves seeking more personalized and comprehensive support. This is where ContinuedSuccess, a revolutionary new offering, comes into play.

What Makes ContinuedSuccess the Best NetSuite Support Option?


Techfino, the premiere NetSuite Partner, has a long and storied history of innovating the world of NetSuite Support. In fact, they were the world’s first Netsuite partner to offer Support as a managed service & 24/7 support. Techfino can develop a training plan and all the accompanying assets such as guided learning materials, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and exams, to provide the most customized role-based training programs available inside your Learning Management System (LMS), to train your employees on how to properly use NetSuite.

ContinuedSuccess is the next generation of that innovation — and it’s our most powerful offering yet. The subscription-based support option includes a wealth of benefits for our clients, including the following:

  • Realize the investment in NetSuite almost immediately
  • Gain Access to a dedicated team with deep industry vertical expertise
  • Receive Best-in-Class, proactive, and ongoing consultation
  • Benefit from around-the-clock optimization
  • Obtain a cost-effective solution to support the IT, Finance, and Operation groups
  • Single point of coordination for NS Service and Support
  • Manage one contract for your maintenance, administration, sustaining, and enhancement needs
  • Our consistent contextual team meets your needs, providing advice on the best solution usage and execution against that advice
  • Get responsive results when you need them (no waiting for SOW’s)
  • Support for multi-vendor environment advice and structures
  • Access a complete team of platform, solution, and development personnel at a fraction of the cost

Want to learn even more about the value of ContinuedSuccess? Check out our “Ultimate Guide to NetSuite Support.” It’s loaded with insights, actionable tips, and in-depth knowledge you can use to ensure you receive the best possible solution.

Ready to take action now? Contact us today, and our helpful consultants will be happy to assist you. 


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