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NetSuite Partners: (7 Telltale Signs You Need One)

If you're considering NetSuite to be your ERP platform of future growth, you need to choose the right NetSuite Solution Provider.


Well, according to industry analyst, nearly 50% of ERP implementations fail the first time around. 

That's right, 1 out of every 2 ERP implementations go off the rails the first time around.  

And the complexity of ERP projects continues to increase, not decrease due the explosion of cloud applications.

In today's guide I'm going to highlight the "7 Telltale Signs" that should help you identify when to consider engaging a NetSuite partner on your ERP initiative.

1. You're Looking for Unbiased Help Evaluating NetSuite

You know your current business management applications are hindering the business. Manual work arounds are causing lots of bottlenecks.

You want to eliminate work order errors.

You need access to real-time information and want to unite your accounting, sales, inventory and/or services on a single platform.

And you've heard great things from small and mid-size organizations who have chosen to implement NetSuite ERP software.

Now you need to find the right consulting service.

And you want guidance from a NetSuite partner who will shoot straight with you, about whether or not NetSuite is a good fit for your needs, budget, and timing.

Getting a, "yes we can do that", to every question and concern is not what you're after.

You want someone with NetSuite expertise who can assess its business value for your company.

You need someone who will listen to you but is also willing to challenge your thinking and push beyond the status quo.

You need someone who will make sure your ERP system fits your company's strategic goals


2. You Need Help Negotiating Your NetSuite Subscription Agreement

You've narrowed down NetSuite as the ERP platform of choice for your business.

And you have a good sense for what you are going to need to purchase and a rough idea of the implementation and support cost.

Now comes the hard part: understanding the NetSuite licensing costs.

You find the NetSuite pricing confusing and you want to be sure you’ll get the best possible contract terms and incentives available.

After all, you've never licensed NetSuite before.

This is where the help of NetSuite Solution Provider partners comes in handy, since breaking down NetSuite subscription costs is a big part of what they do for a living.

A NetSuite Solution Provider can help you understand what software modules you'll need, ensure you are getting the best possible price (and the best terms) and ultimately helping you implement the software to your unique requirements.  


3. Your NetSuite Implementation is Large & Complex

Your business and current processes are full of complexity. 

You're certain you are going to need to lean heavily on a NetSuite partner that's worked in your industry before and was able to address similar obstacles.

NetSuite aptitude is critical, but having domain expertise and IP is going to make all the difference.  


4. You Need to Integrate NetSuite with other Applications

There's a high probability that specific departments will continue using existing applications. A common example is Salesforce CRM or Shopify E-Commerce platform.

And these systems need to interface with NetSuite. 

Having a connected system, tying together multiple end-points to arrive at a single source of truth will be critical.

Choosing the right software vendor and the right partner will be necessary to successfully seeing this through.  

You'll want a partner that has an existing partnership with a leading integration provider (e.g. Dell Boomi or Celigo) and the team and knowhow to pull off a successful integration project alongside your ERP implementation.


5. Customizations Are Almost Certain

Back to point #3, there is a high probability that native "out of the box" NetSuite will not meet certain requirements due to uniqueness within your industry or complex business process you cannot eliminate.

In which case, you'll need SuiteScripting and/or 3rd party applications to fill gaps.

Choosing a partner with a strong in-house development team will be key.  

You'll want to work with a partner that provides both functional consulting as well as software development. 

This will ensure all team members are rowing in the same direction with the right cadence.  


6. You're Considering SuiteCommerce

In addition to implementing NetSuite for your ERP and/or CRM.

You are also interested in implementing SuiteCommerce to support B2B and/or B2C online sales.

These require two different skill sets.

And not all NetSuite partners are SuiteCommerce certified. 

In fact, more NetSuite partners are not SuiteCommerce certified.  

Having tight project management tools and a proven methodology in place will be key to ensure both teams are reading from the same playbook.  


7. You're Looking for a Partnership 

You don't just prefer the white glove treatment, your job necessitates it.

The business demands much of your time, therefore you see value in having a team of trusted advisors help inform your decision making around your ERP investments.    

Furthermore after you're live on NetSuite you want a team to rely on that understands your business, your NetSuite instance and has a vested interest in your business.  

You'll want to have a predictable support program in place for when needs arise you know who to call and when you can expect a resolution.

Competence and predictability is paramount.


Parting Thoughts

If these 7 signs resonate with your needs as you evaluate NetSuite we invite you to engage in a brief chat here with the team at Techfino.  We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, your business and we'll share our expertise with you. Start the dialogue with us today.


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