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NetSuite is a fully integrated leading cloud-based business management software suite, that includes best in class:

  • Financial Management Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Customer Relationship Management software
  • E-commerce software

...and much more!

But even the best enterprise resource planning software sometimes requires hands on experience for a savvy ERP software buyer like you!

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Why Choose Techfino

At TechFino, we're not just a NetSuite Partner—we're your gateway to experiencing Oracle NetSuite through the eyes of a user. Authorized to provide complete access to a live demo account, we offer an immersive "day in the life of" experience tailored with pre-configured user roles and personas. Discover firsthand how Oracle NetSuite’s modern, cloud-based ERP software can streamline your business processes and elevate your operational efficiency. Choose TechFino and take the first step towards transforming your business with cutting-edge technology.


Authorized NetSuite Partner

Gain access through TechFino to a live Oracle NetSuite demo account, showcasing our official partnership and trust.


Immersive Experience

Experience a "day in the life of" with pre-configured roles and personas, simulating real-world usage and insights.


Streamline Business Processes

Discover how cloud-based ERP software can optimize your workflows and increase efficiency across operations.


Tailored to Your Needs

Explore solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges and requirements of your business.

NetSuite Free Trial by User Persona

NetSuite Trial For The Controller

NetSuite empowers Controllers with real-time visibility and insights into financial data for strategic decision making.


NetSuite Trial for The CFO

As the Chief Financial Officer, NetSuite provides assurance that empowers you to be a leader of broad strategic change.


NetSuite Trial For The CIO

NetSuite solves the CIO's business & systems problems of today while preparing the business for future growth & complexity.


NetSuite Trial For The Sales Manager

NetSuite unleashes sales strategy into action, driving revenue and growth for Sales Managers and their teams.


NetSuite Trial For The Operations Manager

Achieve operational superiority by enabling global manufacturing intelligence and assuring production quality.


NetSuite Trial For The Support Representative

An integrated solution that speeds case resolution, ensure customer satisfaction while reducing service costs.


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Techfino Netsuite Trial

A NetSuite Free Trial gives you immediate free access to the entire NetSuite system.

  • There is no software to download and install. Any device! Any browser!
  • You do not need to provide a credit card!
  • No strings attached - seriously!

Each trial includes the following free services to help you kick start your NetSuite ERP evaluation:

  • Unlimited access to the entire application.*
  • Ability to create your own data model and import your data if you choose to.
  • Access to a certified NetSuite solution expert to answer any questions you may have about the software.

*Some NetSuite products are not available for free trial.

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To qualify for a free NetSuite Trial account you must: 

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  • Not be a software developer needing a NetSuite development account.  If this is you, go to NetSuite SDN Program to register for one.
  • Be based in the United States or Canada.

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  • After your trial period Techfino will help you secure an amazing offer on your NetSuite software.

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"We love the Techfino team.  Their NetSuite trial experience was very thorough and helpful. We ended up purchasing NetSuite over Intacct because we were able to get so much exposure with the application before buying"

Robert KirbyCFO

"Techfino lead our NetSuite evaluation process which included a NetSuite trial.  The team was able to address all our questions and overall had a great experience.  I'm glad we were able to test the software before making such a large purchase."

Kathy NewmanController

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